VirtualDJ Pro 8 stops working after 30 days

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  • Date : 2022-11-22
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The version of VirtualDJ LE included with the DJConsole RMX 2 (Black & Gold version or the Grey version) provides a 30-day trial period for the VirtualDJ Pro features.

After 30 days of use, you no longer have access to VirtualDJ Pro, but you still have access to the VirtualDJ 8 LE version. You must therefore make sure to use VirtualDJ 8 LE:

- Go to the website.

- Click on Create an account.

- Create an account with an account name and a password that you can remember (IMPORTANT: write them down for future reference).

- Once you have created an account and are logged in to this account, go to My Account > My licenses.

- In the If your controller came with a VirtualDJ OEM license number, or if you have a license number from an older version, you can enter it here: field, enter the serial number found on the bottom of your DJConsole RMX 2 controller as follows: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (instead of XXXX-XXXXXXXX / RMX2). Then click OK.

- Download the VirtualDJ 8 software from

- Install the VirtualDJ 8 software.

- When asked to provide your login information, enter your VirtualDJ account name in the Login: field, and your password in the Password: field, and click on Log in with VirtualDJ ID.

PLEASE NOTE: The DJConsole RMX 2 Premium TR edition (a DJConsole RMX 2 version with audio cables, a black overlay and yellow caps on the controls) does not come with a VirtualDJ LE license. The DJConsole RMX 2 Premium TR edition comes with a Traktor LE license instead.