The microphone is not recorded in the DJ software

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On DJ controllers, the microphone input is often wired directly to the master output (this is called a pass-through mode) to avoid the latency software may add, but the microphone's sound can only be recorded if it goes through the software.

There are 2 ways to record the mix with a microphone:

Option A -> External recording, the easiest option = record the mix with a microphone not in the DJ software, but externally, on a second computer:

  • Connect the master output to an external sound card.
  • Record the master output on another computer (in a different application than the DJ software:  for example, Audacity) = record the mix with the microphone.
  • Hercules DJ controllers with a microphone input have 2 simultaneous master outputs (1/8” stereo + double RCA, or double RCA + double 1/4” jack, or double RCA + double XLR), so a master or a booth output is available in addition to the output to which speakers are connected.
  • This way is the safest to broadcast the mix online, as the computer processing the DJ software is not connected to the Internet or via Wi-Fi, and being connected to the Internet or via Wi-Fi is not recommended for live performances.

Option B -> Internal recording, the most complicated option = record the microphone in the DJ software:

  • Open the Hercules DJ control panel, and set the microphone as inputs 1-2 instead of as a Line input (if possible).

  • Open the DJ software.
  • Go to the DJ software's Configuration > Audio menu.
  • Set the microphone input as the input for channels 1 and 2 in the DJ software.

  • Enable the microphone instead of a deck in VirtualDJ:

- If VirtualDJ is in 2-deck mode: replace a deck with the microphone input by using the Source 1 button = record the microphone streaming as if it were a track.

- With VirtualDJ Pro, operate in 4-deck mode.

- Load a 4-deck skin.

- Declare Deck 3 as the Input for the microphone (In VirtualDJ 8 Pro, you can display the scratch mixer, and click on the Line In second REC button to enable the microphone input for Deck 3).

- Record the mix with the microphone.